1-2-1 Workflow & Editing Workshop (3 Hours)

1-2-1 Workflow & Editing Workshop (3 Hours)

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NOTE: Upon purchasing this workshop, I will contact you to organise the nearest mutually convenient date.

Do you find you are struggling with the workflow and editing elements of your photography business?  If so, this one-to-one workshop may be perfect for you.

I've spent the last ten years or so honing my editing and post production skills.  During this workshop we will use my workflow as a template guide to help you better your own workflow.  We will cover everything from asset management, file handling, selecting and editing (including black and white processing).

This is a three hour one-to-one workshop.  This workshop is aimed at photographers who want to streamline their workflow processing and take a peak into the way that I edit my wedding files.

All attendees should have at least a working knowledge of Adobe Lightroom.  We will also use Photoshop a little (though it's not part of the overall workflow).

  • In camera file management

  • Back ups and card management

  • Amazingly quick image selection

  • Lightroom catalog structures and best practice.

  • Library & Develop Module

  • Utilising Smart Collections

  • Editing colour and Monochrome

  • Enhanced Exporting and cloud storage management

Editing & Processing Workshop Details

- Remember this is a one-to-one workshop so you can get the absolute most out of the workshop.

- Feel free to bring your laptop, though we will do the core of it on my systems.

- You will go away with a step by step blueprint for your editing and workflow.

NOTE: This workshop will be at my Studio in Malmesbury, Wiltshire. Alternatively, we can also run the workshop over Skype which will cover exactly the same content and maybe easier logistically for some.

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Reviews of The Workflow & Editing Workshop

  • Emily Renier:
    I came across Kevin at the Photography Show in Birmingham this year. I had spent a few hours listening to self-assured, over-confident photographers none of which resonated with me or the reason why photography touches my soul the way it does.

    Then I went to his lecture on wedding photojournalism and the penny dropped. Finally, there was a man who wasn’t in it for vanity. Here is a man who just wanted to share his learning journey without being dictatorial, condescending and arrogant. His session moved me being belief and opened up a completely new genre of photography which I didn’t even know existed.

    I then went on his website later that evening hoping he would do workshops and he did. Couldn’t believe my luck. A few Mo the later, I spent 3 hours on his company and left I spired, much better informed and with a very clear sequence of next steps for my development as an amateur documentary photographer. He was clear, patient, generous and abundant with well researched information.

    But most of all, he made me feel much calmer about my journey forward. I have recently felt quite demotivated by the demands of RPS distinctions and attitudes of some camera club members who seem to focus on things that matter very little to my style of photography. I felt for a while that maybe I was just not good enough. Kevin’s reassuring words of “develop your own style and forget rules” made me feel that maybe I am good enough. I highly recommend any workshop with Kevin.

    A genuine, decent and humble man whose sheer talent and success haven’t got in th way of him sharing both his soul and his gift.