From Street to Portrait with Bert Stephani & Kevin Mullins

From Street to Portrait with Bert Stephani & Kevin Mullins


Capture, incorporate and recreate the surprising beauty of the street

Current Dates

18th April 2019 - Central London (Spaces)

Even the best trained eye keeps being surprised by what the street can give you: spectacular light, fabulous poses, ingenuous compositions and vibrant energy.

It often gives you more than what you could come up with yourself. In this workshop we’ll focus on learning how to capture this unexpected beauty and we will take it a step further by using it as an inspiration to create contemporary portrait, fashion and commercial images.

In the morning we'll meet up for coffee and a short briefing.

We then hit the streets to master different techniques and approaches to street photography.

After lunch we’ll combine street photography with portraiture. The days of fake perfection are over, people want to look at pictures that are honest and believable. We are going to use the streets as our setting and our muse to create our own original work with a model.

We'll cover finding interesting light, flash techniques, making balanced compositions, directing any subject, working with movement and how to use the unexpected to your advantage.

This workshop is a creative roller-coaster that connects street photography with other genres of photography. It’s about broadening your vision, thinking outside the box and creating based on the raw beauty of life.

Your Tutors: Kevin Mullins and Bert Stephani

Kevin has been educating photographers and shooting professionally for well over ten years.

Bert is a Belgian portrait and lifestyle photographer who loves to play but not necessarily by the rules. Bert is also an X-photographer and has been teaching all over the world.

You can find Bert's portfolio at and some resources for photographers at

Both Bert and Kevin are know for their ability to educate, but hold nothing back.

This will be a practical workshop where you will create portfolio level images.

What to bring:

  • DSLR or mirrorless camera with fully-charged batteries

  • A lens between 24-50mm (full frame equivalent) is best suited for street photography.

  • Feel free to bring a couple of extra lenses if you like.

  • Remember that we are trying to shoot unnoticed on the street so pack light.

What’s Included:

  • Full Day Tuition

  • Welcome Coffee

  • Light Lunch

  • Round of drinks or perhaps even a couple more in the evening. We’ll head off for dinner too for those that wish to join us.

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