One Day Street Photography Workshop

One Day Street Photography Workshop

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Current 2019 Dates

Tuesday, 5th November - London Financial District - Sold Out
Thursday, 12th December - Edinburgh City Centre - 2 Spaces Left

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Level of Experience: Any. This workshop will be of value to those who are just beginning with candid street photography or those who are looking to reignite a passion.

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I became one of the first Fujifilm official X-Photographers in the UK and have been shooting exclusively with the X-Series of cameras for many years.

My wedding photography is a highly inspired blend of street photography and shooting from the hip.

I use street photography as the catalyst for inspiration for my wedding work and the Fujifilm X-Series of cameras have allowed me to work in a far more intimate, but discrete, way.

If you are a wedding photographer who is interested in documentary photography then this Street Photography Workshop could be the workshop for you.

If you are just interested in shooting street and working on your technique and skills the then this is definitely the workshop for you.

This Street Photography Workshop is for FIVE delegates only.

The workshops I run are intended to be hands-on and are designed to give you the most information possible. No hiding information and that’s the reason most of my workshops are aimed at a very small amount of delegates. That way you will get all the advantages of working closely with me.

You can attend this street shooting day even if you don’t have an X-Series camera.

If you are interested in testing a Fujifilm X-Series camera out during the day then I can arrange for some loan equipment to be supplied by Fujifilm UK.

Please let me know as soon as you have booked if this is the case so I can organise stock.

This Street Photography Workshop is far more than a guided Photo Walk.

You will work with Kevin through a series challenges that will not only help you understand your camera more, but will help you beat the fear of shooting on the street.

You will cover:

  • Inspiration

  • Shooting Candidly

  • Beating the Fear

  • Understand your Camera Fully

  • Understanding Zone Focusing

  • Getting in close to shoot stories

  • Street Themes

We will concentrate on building pictures and stories using the sound principles of; Light, Composition and Moment.

This is a practical Hands-on Street Photography Workshop with plenty of time for on on one tuition as well as shooting time throughout the day.


The single day options run from 10:00 am until around 4:00 pm depending on light and location.

We will meet for coffee to commence the day and finish with a debrief in a bar or coffee shop for more inspiration and chat.

These Street Photography Workshop are strictly limited to FIVE delegates. Lunch and refreshments are not included but I usually buy a round of drinks at the end.

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Reviews of Kevin Mullins Street Photography Workshops:

  1. Jonathan Ryder
    I found this workshop really useful - and it was great fun too.

    Kevin took our small group through a series of exercises in practical sessions on the street throughout the course of the day. From the outset, I was being encouraged to try techniques that were new to me. I had tried previously with limited success to shoot on the street. I learned things here that helped me step up a gear (or two).

    It can be intimidating, frustrating - and quite disappointing, to be totally honest - to try to apply your own skills in isolation in a street setting. As a wedding photographer, I essentially have a license for the day to shoot whatever I want (which is incredible, really). But none of that applies, of course, in a street context. Much sharper skills in candid photography are essential and a greater eye for composition, moment and light matter more too. I say 'matter more', because weddings are beautiful occasions, where something aesthetically and emotionally significant is happening frequently throughout the day. The street, however, can be quite inhospitable, chaotic, messy, and generally more challenging, so you have to be better to be good.

    I have no doubt that the steps I took towards learning to shoot on the street will help my wedding photography as well.

    I highly recommend this workshop.

  2. Christopher McSherry
    I absolutely loved the workshop, within minutes it felt like everyone knew each other. I often struggle with confidence and motivation when shooting on the street but with Kevin's advice and expertise, he's giving me my confidence back and some very helpful tools if I find myself in a creative rut. I would 100% recommend the workshop and I would actually attend again at some stage!

  3. Simon Baker
    Excellent workshop, I went never having done or been inspired by Street Photography, but now I am addicted. Kevin has an excellent approach to his workshops he balances informality with enough direction to inspire you through the day.

  4. Deanna Chute
    Thanks so much, Kevin.
    I've done a lot of photography workshops and I can honestly say that I learned more from you than I have in most workshops. I like that you pushed me out of my comfort zone with black/white and manual focusing. I really like the flow of the workshop with a small amount of instruction followed by a quick assignment. It's funny because I don't love most of the pictures that I took but I feel that learned a lot that is already serving me in my hobby.
    Many thanks and best of everything!

  5. Garrett Hayes
    Had a fabulous day in Dublin today with Kevin. He took us through theory and practice with lots of hands on street photography & tasks. At the end of the day, he did a review with a look at post production. An excellent workshop and I would highly recommend it to anyone who has even the slightest interest in street photography. Thanks for taking the time to come to Dublin Kevin and for all your work ayndthe pint at the end of the day

  6. Richard Reader
    A great day. London in the summer is great for street photography and we struck lucky with the weather. This gave the four of us on the workshop the right conditions to try and put into practice the various techniques that Kevin explained to us. After introductions the day ran as a series of mini-assignments, each lasting about 15 minutes, with Kevin explaining how to set up your camera for the best effect, what to look for, what to shoot. So, it's a mix of things - technical bits involving camera settings, techniques on things such as perspective - to break away from the standard 'eye-level' view of many photographs, assignments on story-telling or getting 'x' number of people in the shot or getting just three shots to show something. Is a full on day. It's busy, it's hard work but it was immense fun, and although the majority of the shots I took won't see the light of day (or be posted online), Kevin has provided a number of pointers which I feel I can now develop and has made me think about what it is I actually want to show when I do street. Many thanks Kevin, it was excellent.

  7. Gerren Mayne
    Just had an amazing day with Kevin and the rest of the group. Before we started Kevin was keen to understand our experience and what we wanted to gain from the workshop specifically. This really made me feel that he genuinely cared about maximising the day and getting the most from it. The day was split into a number of tasks all building upon each other, with Kevin ensuring we understood the task and the techniques he was teaching. We ended the day with a few drinks whilst Kevin took us through some of his editing techniques which are extremely powerful. I spent a very happy hour or so travelling home putting into practice all I had learnt during the day.

    The structure and pace of the day was perfect and I have no hesitation in recommending one of Kevin's courses to others. I will definitely be attending another!

  8. Mary Hennessy
    OMG - have to say Kevin was absolutely brilliant. I am a professional photographer of over 20 years covering domestic/ social portraits and events for years. Feeling a bit stale I wanted to try something a bit different and take me out of my comfort zone. Kevin was great, he worked with all of us and at a steady pace covering everything he said he would. It was the best workshop I've had in a long time that really does what it says it's going to do. I felt inspired and if nothing else it was like a photography therapy session. Thanks again Kevin.

  9. Keith Forbes
    Well run and structured workshop in a small group covering the essentials for Street Photography, the principals of zone focus and spot metering explained and practiced.
    Run over a 6 hour period allowed time for each aspect to be explained and for students to put into practice solo or as a group, finishing up with students feed back on the day, rounded off with Lightroom processing and a drink. Highly recommended for those wishing to take up street photography or improve skills.

  10. David Cornforth
    Thoroughly enjoy Fridays workshop, Kevin gave us various tasks having explained techniques and camera settings. I learnt a lot and feel more comfortable about going out there and getting some great pictures.

  11. Stuart Green
    What a great workshop! After a good coffee shop intro, we went out into the street to some great locations and most importantly had plenty of group coaching and Q& A, as well as plenty of one time. Great real life tips and a highlight for me was finally getting to grips with spot metering!

    Well worth it and good fun

  12. Mauro Fondacaro
    On April 4th I attended the Street Photography Workshop with Kevin. It was a fantastic experience and I look forward to attending another one very soon. Kevin is an amazing documentary wedding photographer and a truly inspiring mentor. During the workshop he shared precious information and invaluable tips on shooting techniques, best camera set ups, reading the light, composition and editing.

    I have been following Kevin's work for several years now; I have always admired his openness and commitment to sharing his knowledge but I never thought I could learn so much in just one day.

    Very grateful for the hours I spent with Kevin! I would recommend this workshop with Kevin to anyone serious and passionate about street photography.

  13. Emma Featherstone
    This was my second workshop with Kevin. I had wanted to do another one for a while, partly because I had enjoyed the first one so much and got a lot out of it and partly because I wanted a refresher in a different location.

    The day was relaxed, easy going and fun – we did a few exercises throughout our time with Kevin, for each one he explained some theory, then gave us a short window of time to go off and put it into practice on the streets. Nothing too scary or daunting!

    I found going over Kevin's back button focus and spot metering techniques very useful. It was handy to hear the theory behind the techniques again and I think I got more of a handle on them this time. The key is to keep practising!

    I really enjoyed the day the second time around. It's always pleasant to spend time with like-minded people and have an excuse to stop and let life unfold around us while we wait for moments that we might be able to capture. Life is so busy and we often seem to be rushing from one thing to the next. One of the most memorable things I got out of the day is that I really value the opportunity to look around me and take notice while life is going on, rather than let it pass me by.

    I will continue to highly recommend this workshop. It's excellent value, a lot of fun and you’ll gain some great techniques for street and photojournalistic photography!

  14. Clare Brehny
    I booked on the workshop as a birthday gift for myself. I really fancied doing something a bit different and treating myself to a day of shooting just for me.
    I thoroughly enjoyed the day. Kevin breaks up the day into nice bite sized activities. I learnt more than I expected but also had a lot of fun. The initial intro chat really gets you in the right frame of mind and each exercise built on the previous one.
    I found it great to do something out of my day-to-day comfort zone and it really inspired me to get out and shoot for myself a lot more (i.e. not just client work or my own family)
    Thanks for a great day Kevin.

  15. Janet Batchelor
    This was my second workshop with Kevin and another excellent day with a lovely group of fellow enthusiasts.The workshop is very well structured and Kevin's teaching style is relaxed and engaging, making it easy to learn and practice the various techniques taught throughout the day. I learned such a lot to help me improve my photography skills and was able to consolidate all that I learned on my first workshop. Photography workshops don't come better than this and the icing on the cake is the session on post processing at the end of the day. Thanks again, Kevin!

  16. John Sweeney
    Excellent day with Kevin with clear outcomes yet tailored to our own needs also. Learned so much from Kevin and from the other participants - Clare, Janet and Mauro. We were a diverse group but got on really well and coped with quite cool and variable weather - sleet and sunny spells. Kevin is an excellent teacher who gears his teaching to participants' needs and experience and led us through a series of street craft exercises that gradually built up or skill set with increasing complexity and variety. There were breaks to discuss our efforts, ask questions and for Kevin to demonstrate his remarkable eye for street photography and to share his techniques for taking better images and for developing these from RAW. For me the highlights were shooting in manual, spot metering and back button focus along with better workflow tips for LightRoom. Kevin's workshop exceeded expectations, met outcomes and was great fun as well as challenging us to step out of comfort zone and take the shot. A lightbulb moment was to become better observers and to plan the candid shot rather than the technical proficiency of photographing people and places. Working with one lens and body at close range and using zone focus and hyperfocal distance and shooting from the hip at te decisive moment was key. Kevin communicated very well in advance and during the workshop to ensure we all got there on time and to encounter goo locations in London for the theme.

  17. Julia isaacs
    I truly enjoyed my time with Kevin. He was down to earth and easy to relate to. My photography skills improved as a result and learned a few techniques that I have begun putting into practice. I highly recommend his street photography workshop , my only regret is not having time to do a longer version of it.

  18. Tracey Reynolds
    I had a fabby day with Kevin and the rest of the delegates. Kevin had a great structure for our day of learning; whilst making time for everyone’s individual needs.

    Excellent day; I would attend another Street Photography day and would encourage anyone else to do so too.

    Thank you Kevin.

    Tracey x

  19. Summer Johnston
    I spent a day with Kevin, and some other lovely people, on the Street Photography workshop and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it.

    It was a blustery day in Birmingham City Centre and Kevin showed us the techniques he uses to get real candid shots. It was so nice to shoot something just for me and I think I may have found a new passion! I would highly recommend this course and I will definitely be booking on another one.

    Thanks for a great day.

  20. Patrick Kal
    Very enjoyable and well-planned workshop with a nice relaxed vibe. I would highly recommend to anyone that is interested in learning street/documentary photography from Kevin.

  21. Paul Carpenter
    I've been wanting to attend one of Kevin's workshops for a long while !!.

    I headed to London for the meet up at 10am - to be honest I was rather nervous (Kevin is quite well known you no :) ) however very quickly Kevin made us all feel very comfortable with what we were going to do.

    Kevin ran through the objectives of the day - all of which looped back to having fun !

    We headed out.... At all points during the day not only did Kevin ensure that we were following the objectives but made sure he was available for everyone to answer questions and provide support.

    During a part of the day I was unable to get my camera to function as required - Kevin took one look at my camera, altered a setting and VOILA problem solved ! - In fact it was a problem I'd had for a long while !

    The style of shooting undertaken was not my normal style however Kevin created a relaxed and fun environment so I did not feel pressured !

    To be honest as yet I've not looked at the images - however due to the amount learnt and time spent with someone who really knows what they are talking about I'm not particularly bothered if my images are not award winning ! - the day itself was enough !!

    If you are sitting on the fence trying to decide whether or not to book with Kevin STOP - book it ! - you wont be disappointed !

    Be quick though......they sell out fast !!

    As soon as time allows I'll be on another one !!

    Simply AWESOME !! - worth EVERY penny !

  22. Annette Kerlin
    What a brilliant day, excellent content, very down to earth and accessible whilst offering some really invaluable ideas and insights in to how to take great pictures! Great fun too, thanks!

  23. Martynas Juozaitis
    Thanks a lot for a great day. We have learned and had a really great time in a nice relaxed environment.

  24. Joao Diniz Sanches
    This is my second workshop with Kevin, and it won't be the last. Ever approachable, always generous with information, advice and support, Mr Mullins offers a friendly, robustly structured street photography workshop experience packed with practical guidance and geared to gently push attendees beyond their comfort zone - though, cleverly, also balanced in a way that shouldn't intimidate the more inexperienced of the group (and Kevin's always on hand to help out if needed). It's an excellent way to dive into street photography, absorb and practice the specific approaches to shooting in this manner (some of which can and do apply to other types of photography, of course), and spend a day with like-minded individuals.

  25. Pamela Harridine
    Recently attended my second workshop of Kevin’s, this time in Bristol. I would highly recommend them to anyone. For newcomers to his courses, there is a wealth of information, and as a second one for me it reinforced what I had learnt previously, jogged my memory as to the bits I had forgotten, and gave me the opportunity to ask questions and clarify things I was still struggling with. It’s a great way to learn, see a new area, and meet like minded photographers. Love the challenges set throughout the day, to practice techniques, with no pressure other than what you may set yourself. The small groups are ideal, splitting up to be more discrete, and having lots of time for guidance and advice. Kevin treats everyone equally, regardless of previous experience or ability. Overall, fun and informative, and great value for money!

  26. Steve Hocking
    I have had an interest in Street photography for some time. This was the first time I have indulged myself. Kevin provides a brilliant day, I thoroughly enjoyed my first outing. He structures the day, from baby steps which allows us to build confidence to something more demanding, a mock assignment at the end. The group is the perfect size with a great balance of skills and ability. Kevin is always there to give advice on settings or technique. Thoroughly recommended. He even bought me a pint, which was a lovely touch!

  27. Jo Haycock
    It was what I call a perfect 'me day' a bit of creative space just for myself. I didn't tell him on this day, but Kevin is one of my hero photographers (it might be partly because he's a fellow Welshman!). His sharing of knowledge and insightful way of how he sees life on the streets across world, cannot fail to inspire. A great reminder of how important it is to give time back to my craft. Thank you, and I'm still seeing the colour red - even in black and white!

  28. Michael Curry
    Hi Kevin, thouroghly enjoyed the day spent with you and the fellow participants in what was a very rewarding workshop both from a learning perspective as well as being a good day out (albeit pretty chilly) around the historic town. We certainly covered a lot of ground based around street shooting, and this included all camera settings through to manual/auto exposure. Of particular interest was zonal pre focus linked to capturing shots of people, often without their awareness. There was a cross section of knowledge and expertise within our group from basic to more experienced but all came away I think having their knowledge enhanced. Many thanks to both you and everyone involved for making the day such a success. Mick.

  29. Chris Manton
    Had a great day on the Leicester workshop. Learnt so much about how to set my camera up to achieve the results I am after. I knew in my head the style of pictures I want to achieve but being new to the X-pro 1 and street I didn’t have the knowledge of how to achieve them. Kevin’s hints and tips were great and have me really excited about going out and shooting. The format of the day is very relaxed and fun and I would recommend to anyone who is interested in street photography or even just someone who wants to get the most from their Fujifilm camera.

  30. Andy Leaper
    Kevin was a very personable and engaging tutor. The workshop was relaxed and easy paced with time at the end to review photos. A small group meant we all received equal input.

  31. Stan Lau
    Street photography has always been one of my toughest challenges but after participating in Kevin's street photography workshop it has given the confidence and technical ability to achieve the results i'm looking for. Kevin is patient in his methods and teaching, I will look to do a longer workshop next time.

  32. Shane Oneill
    I attended the LONDON street photography course alongside several other shooters on a bitterly cold but beautifully sunny day. It was a joy from start to finish. Hugely informative, excellently structured with super clear instruction and great tips from kevin throughout the day. Exactly how learning ought to be. It was also really good fun and I came away with a genuine sense that I learned many things that will make my pictures better and make those days walking the streets more rewarding and enjoyable. I couldn’t recommend it any more. Thanks kevin


  33. Andy Gray
    This was the second workshop I have attended with Kevin. I chose a different venue which gave the workshop a slightly different feel but it was just as good as the previous workshop. Kevin is hugely knowledgable and has a very easy way of imparting his knowledge. He is very patient and will spend as long as necessary sharing his technique, camera settings and anything else you need to know. At the end of the day we found a pub where Kevin spent an hour explaining his editing technique in Lightroom and Photoshop. I would have no hesitation in recommending one of Kevin's workshops if you want to improve your street photography and have a fun day out with a small group of like minded snappers. 10 out of 10 !

  34. Rob Jenkins
    Its a pleasure being on one of Kev's courses. No question your ask is too cleaver or in my case too stupid. He is always there to answer.

    As always his courses are extremely informative and very importantly he buys you a beer at the end.

    Cant recommend him enough and is a thoroughly nice bloke too.

  35. George Adams

  36. Great day thanks Kevin! Learnt a lot and given good advice. Had a laugh with good company and for most of the day great light, sunshine and not much wind for Blackpool! Well picked Kevin.

    Thanks also to John from Fuji for his help and loan of gear. Unfortunately I'll have to get the 10-24 now he let me have a try!

    Much enjoyed, thanks.

  37. Steve Davies
    The workshop consisted of a small group of what appeared to be like minded photographers, the day was well structured but informal and Kevin soon had us all out on the street working on a couple of simple projects.

    As the day progressed we were eased into more in depth activities, each of which were well explained and mentored.

    I personally learned a great deal about both settings and technique, my new Fujifilm XT3 now feels more like a flexible tool than a confusing point and shoot camera.

    This hands on workshop moved me forward further and faster than I was getting by reading the manual, I have no hesitation in recommending the Kevin as an teacher.

  38. Andrew Ripley
    Kevin has a really relaxed manner and a knack of explaining complicated processes in an easy to understand way. The workshop was both thought provoking and fun.

  39. Philip Morley
    The weather was terrible, but Kevin was brilliant. Kevin took us from Charring Cross to the embankment and back to Charring Cross. Kevin gave us projects to do which really focused the mind, and also explained the working of the camera, and how to get the best out of it. I would recommend Kevin's workshops to everyone.
    Also we had Carl form Fuji with us, advising me on my x100f and xt2. For me as a Fuji user that was the cream on top of the cake. Thanks for workshop day Kevin and Carl, which mixed business and pleasure together.

  40. Mercedes Evans
    A huge thanks to Kevin for a great fun day. I’ve watched Kevin online for a few years now and it was a delight to be able to attend this course. As a small group we were able to ask lots of questions; none of which were too stupid! A photo walk with challenges set by Kevin, which really make you stop and think about what you’re doing. Plenty of time to chat with the other delegates and compare notes. The last hour was spent in a coffee shop watching Kevin edit a couple of images from day, he was very generous with his information. Highly recommended

  41. John Martin
    A great workshop, a small group of differing skilled people some with many years experience in different styles and others like myself with little experience.

    The workshop was tailored to our needs and we all had one on one time. It was a great day with lots of opportunity to take photos, try out some of Kevin’s kit and the bonus of meeting Nathan, a Fuji Film product guru, who helped out with a few product enquiries too.

    All in all I’d thoroughly recommend the Day and felt it was great value.

  42. Martins Peskops
    I attended Street Photography Workshop in London City. It was my first workshop with Kevin. First of all, it was really cool to meet Kevin in real life as I had been following his Youtube channel for some time and love his Fuji reviews/tutorials. I had never really done street photography before but learnt a LOT during this workshop. It opened me a whole new world of street photography which I love now! The workshop was well structured in several parts each dedicated to a different technique or subject. You'll learn zone focusing technique, how to use shadow and light zones and various camera settings. I must say the weather was really perfect for this workshop - sunny clear sky and warm, I don't know how the workshop would be in typically grey and rainy conditions because good light (sun/shadows) is essential for street photography! I highly recommend this workshop and hope to attend other workshops with Kevin in near future! Here are some photos I made during the workshop:

  43. Janet Batchelor
    I attended Kevin's excellent workshop in London's financial district on the 13th September 2018. Our day started with introductions and a discussion on the practical and legal aspects of street photography in the UK. Kevin established what each individual hoped to get from the day and our level of experience. We then hit the streets where Kevin took us to several different locations and after group tuition and guidance from Kevin, we were set a number of practical assignments aimed at improving observational skills, learning different techniques which included shooting into direct/harsh light, the use of spot metering and different focusing methods. The day was very well structured and the small maximum number of delegates in Kevin's workshops mean that he is able to offer quality time with each individual and is always on hand to help, advise and answer questions. At the end of the day we retired to a coffee shop for a debrief and Kevin shared some of his techniques and tips for post processing. I thoroughly enjoyed the day, it was great fun and I learned a huge amount. The skills and techniques covered on the day were exactly what I needed to improve my photography, I've been out practicing since and I'm already seeing the benefits. I'd highly recommend Kevin's workshops and hope to attend another next year.

  44. Des McSweeney
    Well what can I say. Do not miss this workshop as it is valuable in so many ways. It is an attractive price to spend the day in the company of a skilled and experienced Fuji Photographer. It is a group but you get as much one to one as you like. If you haven't photographed anything new for a while and are not getting out with your camera as much as you want to, your should get there. If you are lacking inspiration go and get inspired again. Kevin is good company, an easy communicator, knows Fuji inside out and has forgotten more than you and I still have to learn. Go along, you will enjoy it I promise. Des

  45. Pamela Harridine:
    Fantastic fun and informative day. Learnt loads from Kevin, who explained new techniques and gave everyone time to practice them out in Birmingham. Nice small group which gave time for individuals, and discretion on the streets. Kept us focused and entertained with little projects and challenges throughout the day. Would highly recommend this workshop to anyone either starting out with street photography, and also those wanting to refresh or pick up new ideas.

  46. Paul Hassell:
     We met Kevin in Birmingham centre for a one day workshop. There were 5 attendees of which were smashing people and of a size of group that was manageable giving Kevin time to spend with each delegate. The day was well thought through with carefully thought through excercises of which decluttered ones brain from the best Ling city. Self mini projects are always good to discipline the mind and eye.

    We discussed the requirements for candid street style Photograghy with Kevin sharing a number of his best practises.including lightroom and photoshop techniques also.

    I would recommend this workshop for both people new and perhaps old to street photography and this was also a good lesson in documentary skills! 

  47. Andy Gray:
    This Street photography workshop was excellent. Kevin is very 'easy going' but not afraid to challenge and push your photography which is just what I needed.
    He explains techniques well and then gives you an opportunity to experiment with those techniques in suitable places. He encourages you to 'see' what others might miss and how to capture that decisive moment.
    He is very adaptable in his approach and so when we lost the light later in the day he gave us fresh challenges to pursue and learn from.

    Overall, it was great fun and I learnt so much which I am now using as I further my photography.

  48. Stephanie Malcolms:

    I attended Kevin’s workshop in Bristol and it was excellent. I got to spend lots of 1 on 1 time with Kevin who helped me with all my camera settings and configuration. The workshop was friendly, and the other people on the course were really lovely. I can’t wait to attend another one.

  49. Jason Parsons:

    Well, what can I say?…. I recently attended one of Kevin’s Street Photography Workshops in Cardiff a few weeks back. I am a full time professional documentary wedding photographer who has always been inspired by Kevin Mullins’ work, right from the start of my career, and too have the opportunity to even meet him was really something for me, but to work together with him almost on a one to one basis and receive valuable tips and knowledge was something else. The experience of working with Kevin on that day is like the stepping stone for my career, even though I’ve been a pro for nearly four years now. I just needed that bit of an extra boost, which helped me gain the confidence I needed to get in closer and be bolder in the work I do.
    The workshop was so friendly and easy going, but at the same time very pro and intense. I couldn’t have asked for more really.
    I would love to go again as soon as I can.

  50. James Fox – March 31, 2015:

    I joined Kevin’s street photography workshop in Norwich. Kevin was very knowledgeable and helpful. He helped me to finally get comfortable with zone focusing, which has really taken my street photography up a gear. It was also great to spend a day with a group of like-minded and friendly people. Overall an excellent and fun experience – I would highly recommend it!

  51. Kevin Wood – March 31, 2015:

    I attended Kevin’s workshop in Cambridge. I primarily wanted to get a feel for the Fuji equipment and to get some time away from my everyday pro photography work and go back to doing street photography. I knew Kevin via a forum that we are both members of and thought he offered the best workshop for what I wanted. I wasn’t disappointed. Kevin’s approach suits my own style and it was a day where I was able to reaffirm my own knowledge and also highlight where I needed to improve. Using the Fuji equipment good and allowed me to think about where I would head with future purchases of camera equipment. It was a day where I was able to get out of my comfort zone and rediscover the passion that first ignited my interest in photography so many years ago. I would thoroughly recommend the day.

  52. Russ Wykes – March 31, 2015:

    I attended Kevin’s workshop in Manchester and it was an excellent experience. Kevin took time to make sure that help was available when it was needed and his approach ensures that you get the maximum benefit from the day that you can. Thoroughly recommended.

  53. Ian Grindle – March 31, 2015:

    The Norwich workshop was a big inspiration that helped push personal boundaries and skill levels. The time spent with Kevin – and the other participants – was educational, entertaining but at the same time quite demanding personally. Prepared to be gently pushed both technically and aesthetically. Kevin’s experience and patience coupled with his practical hands-on guidance and encouragement is much more effective than any online course or books. Highly recommended. I could easily have spent another six hours with Kevin. I want to book again.

  54. John Briscoe – March 31, 2015:

    I attend Kevin’s Norwich workshop, having recently purchased a Fuji camera. The in depth knowledge Kevin has on this system opened up my understanding of the camera in a way that reading or looking on line could never have achieved. Kevin has obviously put a lot of thought into his approach and the route the course takes, so I was both challenged and educated in such a way that I didn’t want the day to end and genuinely came away with a fresh enthusiasm for street photography after many years away from it. Kevin also kindly lent me some equipment to try as I was considering purchasing, which allowed me to try before I placed an order. I highly recommend anyone considering either street photography or the Fuji system to spend time with Kevin, you won’t regret it.

  55. Steve Ashton – March 31, 2015:

    I don’t do many workshops but having been a long time fan of Kevin’s work, both wedding and street I was really pleased to join him for his Manchester street photography workshop. Firstly what superb value. You really can’t go wrong. The day was relaxed and informative, with a wealth of information on both the Fuji system and street photography in general.

    Its not often we get to spend a day on the streets shooting so regardless of your level of ability its a great idea to join Kevin on one of these superb workshops. You get time to focus on some photography whilst having a real expert on hand who is very willing to share information with clients and show you how he does it…

    Street photography is not easy to learn and Kevin’s give you the chance to see a real expert at work and get some honest advise on your own methods.

    So superb value, relaxed style and willingness to share information make these for me a fantastic chance to develop so new skills and meet a great group of people. I will book the next one if I possibly can.

  56. Jim Matthews – April 1, 2015:

    Attended Kevin’s street photography course in Cardiff (2015) and loved every moment of it. Kevin give us his recomended settings for our cameras etc and how to get the best from them. I used my Ricoh GR for the day. So it’s not about having a Fuji to get the best from this day. My trusty street Ricoh is still in the same settings Kevin recomended and they are a vast improvement over my usual shots I take in the street. I can’t recommend this day enough. I’m looking forward to the wedding event course next. Thanks Kevin for sharing your time with me.

  57. Mona Ali – April 1, 2015:

    A brilliant full-on day shooting documentary street photography and a perfect partner to the wedding photo-journalist workshop as this one is practical! I shoot Nikon most of the time but brought my Fuji along to practice and get a sense of how its possible to shoot with these little mirror less cameras. This was a real eye opener for me and after addressing some of my own fears of shooting street, and going through lots of exercises to help build confidence and change my approach, I started to get some half decent shots by the end of the day. Doing a hands-on workshop with a full time pro photographer like this is a great way to build on your own experience and fine tune the way you shoot. My candid street photography has improved massively since doing this workshop and I’d highly recommend it.

  58. Steve Hughes – April 1, 2015:

    My main reason for attending the Street Photography workshop was to have a play with the Fuji gear. As a long term Canon SLR shooter I wanted to see if it would suit me for my personal work. I’m still firmly sat on the fence in that regard, but the workshop itself was excellent.

    Don’t be fooled into thinking that Street Photography is simple. On the face of it you may consider it to be so, but if you take the time to delve deeper you will soon understand that there is a lot more than meets the eye (pun intended). Kevin’s style and attitude have put him at the top of the tree for his wedding photography. Listening to his advice on technique and approach for street photography you can see how he has become a master at what he does so well. Whether you sit at the newbie end of the spectrum, or have a few years experience under your belt, you will learn something.

    Added to which it’s a fun day spent with like minded individuals. Thanks kevin, heartedly recommended.

  59. Lee Baker – April 1, 2015:

    I don’t think its possible to award Kevin’s Street workshops anything less than 5 stars….. all round its fantastic value for money.

    I had a thoroughly enjoyable informative relaxed day, if you are reading these reviews to decided whether to attend……. press book my place button already, you will not be disappointed!


  60. Kevin Clarke – April 2, 2015:

    I would be reluctant to recommend this to anybody. It’s likely that I will want to do this again in the near future and I would be miffed if my chosen date was already full!

    Practical, progressive and fun. I went from having a fairly random approach in my own version of street photography to being more methodical during the course of the day in London. Kevin gave us group instruction (six of us) and a lot of one-on-one time too. I came away with a good working knowledge of zone focusing, some half-decent images and a sense of time well spent. Oh – and a smile too!

  61. Simon Jenkinson – April 3, 2015:

    I attended Kevin’s Street Photography day in Cardiff recently. I thoroughtly enjoyed the day and found Kevin’s input to be invaluable. He explains his approach to street photography extremely well and has a very approachable and personable style. I learned a lot on the day and got some shots I’d never have managed before. It’s given me some structure to my photography and has improved the quality of the photographs I take. I’d thoroughly recommend this course to anyone who is looking to improve their skills.

  62. Andrea Norrington – April 10, 2015:

    I really cannot recommend a workshop with Kevin enough. I went along partly to gain some tips on using Fuji X camera systems and also to get me back in the swing of taking photographs again. Kevin’s knowledge is excellent and he had clearly thought how to structure the day so that we kept learning throughout. It was relaxed and informal with plenty of opportunity for each participant to get specific issues/problems resolved.
    I finished the day feeling that I had gained new skills in street photography and also really motivated to keep taking images (and shooting with the Fuji).

  63. Mathew Schwartz – April 15, 2015:

    I attended Kevin’s Edinburgh street photography workshop, and loved it.

    *) the other attendees really knew their stuff, so the discussions didn’t need to focus on camera/photo basics, and quickly moved into high-return sorts of exercises and discussions
    *) Kevin’s great instructional style; I appreciated getting guidance, and then despatched to go and try it out. Great for retention
    *) I’ve been photographing for a long time, but picked up what now seems like some basic, street-photo-related tips, mentalities, tactics, and so on, that I’ve already been able to apply beyond the “street” realm
    *) the chance to meet/discuss street photography (et al) with like-minded souls
    *) the photographic results I’ve gotten, as I’ve put what I learned and internalized from Kevin’s workshop into practice in subsequent (solo) outings.

    I’d happily recommend Kevin’s workshops — and have — to anyone. Great instructor, fun day, go for it.

  64. Richard Leach – April 18, 2015:

    I attended Kevin’s street photography workshop in Manchester. His approach was down to earth, relaxed, open, and informal. As the group size was deliberately small I was able to learn a great deal from the other photographers in the group too, and I walked away from the day with more confidence and enthusiasm for this genre of photography. Without hesitation I recommend this workshop and if you are thinking about a workshop with Kevin, stop thinking and book it. Many thanks, Kevin!

  65. Rupert Marlow – May 11, 2015:

    Having followed Kevin’s photography for a while through the Fuji blogs etc, I was intrigued to spend some time with him and glean some tips from him regarding street photography. For me, I was always afraid of street photography, I found the idea of photographing strangers in the street intimidating and that rather put me off.

    Kevin was encouraging and took the time to get to know everyone in the group individually, knowing that each of our motivations would be different. This was so useful and simply made the day for me.

    By the end of the day, I felt more confident photographing in the streets and sneaking quick images of people both as a result of a better understanding of anticipation and patience in compsing for street work, along with the ‘quick shot’ readiness. I also, found the whole experience, from the meet-up to the beer at the end an absolute pleasure. Even made a couple of friends too!

  66. Andy Hibbs – June 1, 2015:

    This was my second course that I have attended with Kevin and all I can say is what a fun day in Birmingham. Easy straight forward mini projects on the day and I came home with some cracking photos – highly recommended.

  67. Stu Brown – June 7, 2015:

    This was my first course (Birmingham – Street Photography) with Kevin and after reading previous reviews I was not disappointed. I have been doing self taught street photography on and off for 3-4 years but I signed up because I wanted to see how somebody else did it , what could I learn and of course, Kevin uses similar cameras to me, Fuji X series. I thoroughly recommend the day, it’s not expensive, Kevin set us little projects to go off and do different techniques and settings to try e.g. slow shutter, zone focus so something different or reinforce your own techniques and confirm you were doing the right thing. It made me realise too that I was not as familiar with my X100S as I thought. Just like most on the course, finding some of the settings out in the field didn’t come as quick as it should be. A couple on the course seemed new to street photography and loved it. I think this was a great day out and good to see how different people work. The learning was generally all as a group, not particularly any significant individual time although Kevin was helpful with individuals queries and questions. The day goes pretty quick, but in my opinion it’s good value.

  68. Jane Bailey – June 23, 2015:

    Had a great day on the Street Photography Workshop in Manchester yesterday, despite the heavy rain showers! The small group size allowed everyone the opportunity to have their questions answered and I know we all have come away with lots of information on techniques etc. Kevin is a really good teacher and I would highly recommend his course.

  69. Jonathan Graham  – June 23, 2015:

    an excellent day where I learned a LOT!

  70. Richard Barnard – June 23, 2015:

    Just completed the Manchester street photography workshop & highly recommend. Not only a fun days shooting but very informative. The course was nicely paced and plenty of opportunity to try out new techniques with Kevin always on hand to answer any questions and provide guidance. Have come away with some new techniques to try out which is exactly what I wanted. Highly recommend.

  71. Damion Bridson – June 23, 2015:

    Had a really great time on Kevin’s Manchester street photography workshop. Despite some early rain, the day itself was a fantastic learning experience with Kevin providing honest, open and invaluable guidance throughout the day.

    I would highly recommend the workshop to amateurs and pro’s alike, as I feel that Kevin’s wealth of photography knowledge, which he’s willing to share, will definitely benefit you and put you on the right track for getting the most out of street photography.

  72. Keith Marriott – June 23, 2015:

    A fun but damp day in Manchester, the workshop is good value for a full day that is easy going at a pace that suits the group, we were all of varying experience and abilities but all gained new techniques and knowledge from Kevin who explains everything well and is very patient, this was my first time at street photography and this has given me the confidence and basics to go and build on these skills. I would recommend the course and will book another when one comes available.

  73. lee – September 3, 2015:

    In 2015 I joined Kevin and several others for a full days worth of Fuji street photography in Birmingham. Kevin really knows his “Fuji” cameras inside out and am grateful that he takes the time to share his wealth of knowledge on these wonderful full day events. I recommend that anyone with an interest in photography to sign up to one of these street days. You will be inspired!

  74. Rex Adams – September 18, 2015:

    Had a great day in London recently on one of Kevin’s workshops. Learnt loads of techie stuff about my X-T1 and how to use it at its best for street photography. Kevin shared all his settings and there was time after for processing in Lightroom. The day was totally relaxed and geared towards what we wanted to achieve from the day. Questions were always answered in great detail. I would definitely recommend one of these workshops to anyone thinking about it.

  75. James Crockford – October 1, 2015:

    I really enjoyed my day on Kevin’s street photography workshop. It gave me a good chance to get to know my camera in a different way, and to try different techniques. Kevin’s style is relaxed but informative, and he really inspires confidence to try new things.

    I can highly recommend any of Kevin’s workshops, particularly the street photography if you are looking for inspiration to try something new.

  76. Ian Rogers – October 3, 2015:

    A great introduction to street photography from one of the best documentary photographers out there right now. Whether a newbie or a more more experienced photographer Kevin has something for everyone – from top tips on getting the best out of your camera, particularly the Fuji X-series, to sharing his techniques for ‘beating the fear’ and gaining the confidence to get in close. The day is fun and informal with Kevin happy to share his wealth of knowledge, and plenty of time for 1-1 guidance too. If you’re an admirer of Kevin’s work and looking for a unique insight into his approach to the documentary style then this is for you. Excellent value and highly recommended.

  77. Bob Morgans – November 5, 2015:

    I’m an enthusiastic photographer who has done a number of photography workshops with different tutors from Olympus and Fuji.
    I signed up with Kevin to do the Cardiff street photography workshop in October 2015 as it is my home town, and I like meeting like minded people.

    I found Kevin to be very friendly and willing to help on anything photography related and extremely knowledgable of the Fuji cameras (but any make camera could be used). I learned quite a few things and settings. Kevin fully explained and demonstarted things like zone focusing, spot metering, manual focusing, etc etc. Kevin also gave quite a few tips on street photography which I will use, some of which where helpful when lacking inspiration. At the end of the day, Kevin showed some photo’s he’d taken and post processing hints.

    The whole day was structured but relaxed and enjoyable and I felt I’d picked up a lot of useful information. I would highly recommend one of his workshops.

  78. Kerry James – November 8, 2015:

    I brought the XT1 along with a 16mm lens back at the beginning of the summer. I loved the size of the camera and the flip out screen but the focusing system seemed confusing, I read the manual, brought the book but still I felt confused. There seemed like so many options! Kevin explained all of them and even introduced me to zone focusing which I hadn’t attempted before. Can’t say I was very good at it but the day definitely inspired me to practice more with this camera and hopefully next year I’ll be shooting with it full time at weddings. Would absolutely recommend this workshop for Fuji & street photography tips and of course to mingle with like-minded folks.

  79. Rob Jenkins – November 16, 2015:

    Great day out with Master Mullins in wet and windy Liverpool. Great teacher, nice guy and made the day very enjoyable.
    He even bought us a pint of beer at the end. cant get better than that.

    Cannot recommend these enough to anyone who want to tryout street photography and how to use your Fuji. Kevin is very knowledgeable and down to earth and treats you like a human being and not a Camera Numpty.

    We learnt loads, took some nice photos, got wet because it lashed down. But that didn’t deter Mr Mullins and his trusty sidekicks.

    Would do it again and again

  80. Rob Williams – November 18, 2015:

    Fantastic day out with learning new techniques from Kevin. Zone and back button focusing worked great and his coaching during the day was superb.
    Using a Fuji is very different from a dslr but also very rewarding, especially when you can get the best out of it. Book a course with Kevin and enjoy !

  81. Hans Verleysen (verified owner) – December 18, 2015:

    Awesome street photography workshop with loads of tips and tricks to improve your street photography. The advice related to the Fuji cameras was very useful, and Kevin knows these cameras inside-out. There was more than sufficient time for (one-on-one) questions. The best thing, for me, was that at the end of the workshop I was able to photograph people at very short distance without feeling uncomfortable!

  82. Ted mctaminey – February 9, 2016:

    I have just come back from the workshop with kevin in Manchester. The weather was truelly awful But the workshop was fantastic. I simply lernen so much about many things. And it has given a Great er incentive to try and go further in photography. Kevin is a wonderful teacher and a modest Master as the same time…

  83. Neil Horner – February 9, 2016:

    Fantastic day in Manchester despite the very wet weather ,! Learnt lots , had fun and made new friends … All you could ask for ! Oh , and Kevin is a great teacher , willing to share all his knowledge with you . All in all a brilliant day !

  84. Matt Bunting – February 19, 2016:

    Yesterday I attended Kevin’s street photography workshop in London, and what a brilliant day it was! I’ve learnt loads, but even more importantly I had an absolute blast on the day. Kevin’s a great teacher and was very approachable whenever I had any questions.

    I left the day feeling inspired to get out and shoot, which is exactly what I’ll be doing this afternoon and over the weekend to put some of the ideas into practice. Thanks again Kevin!

  85. Ish – February 19, 2016:

    Very much enjoyed the street photography workshop in London yesterday. Kevin is a very generous photographer, happy to share ideas and equipment and to run the day according to what the group wants (though I’m sure he’s got plenty of back up ideas!). It was good to be able to put into practice some of the thoughts one might have had, but not been able to develop fully beforehand. It was a great, friendly group of people so thanks everyone for the wonderful day, and special thanks too to Kevin for such a productive day. Hope to see you all again!

  86. Karen Flower  – February 19, 2016:

    Thanks so much Kevin for a fabulous day out yesterday wandering around central London honing our street photography skills. You were generous, as always, with sharing your enthusiasm and knowledge as well as giving us plenty of tips on how to improve the way we approach and execute street photography. I came away feeling inspired to continue shooting this way and look forward to using ideas in other areas of photography too. Huge thanks for a thoroughly enjoyable learning experience.

  87. Tim Wadham – March 2, 2016:

    Really enjoyable & excellent street photography workshop with Kevin in London, the weather & light were generous as was Kevin with his knowledge both technically and artistically. A common theme amongst the participants was confidence in street shots, the techniques and approach Kevin showed us were an eye-opener to us all &have definitely made me look at street photography in a different positive view. We were given ideas for themed projects as well as good locations that would be the most productive. I’ve been on a a few street workshops which to be honest were very good but with his relaxed and informative teaching style Kevin’s workshop would be the stand out. Excellent value for money from a talented photographer. Highly recommended.

  88. Bradley Beck-Hill – March 3, 2016:

    Exactly how a workshop should be. The whole day was packed full of information, ideas and one to one coaching. Kevin had time for each individual’s needs making the day really enjoyable and relaxed. There’s not much Kevin doesn’t know about a Fuji.
    Great course and great value for money.

  89. Ian Johnson  – March 12, 2016:

    Excellent day out in Birmingham for the recent street photography workshop! The group ranged from professionals to novices, like me, and limited to seven people so Kevin got to spend one to one time with us all. The time was well structured, Kevin instructed us on a series of camera setups for different situations followed by 10-15 minute assignments to practice. Immediately after we were able to discuss our results, so everyone got it nailed. The good thing that Kevin did all throughout the day was not only show the camera features he uses most often, through personal preference, but also what the Fuji cameras we were all using on the day were capable of. At the end of the freezing cold day, Kevin shared with us some general post processing techniques he uses to finish those amazing images he produces.
    The day was great value for money, I came away feeling like a better photographer and I would recommend it to anyone. Only downside is, I want one of those XPro2’s now! 

  90. Ian Savage – March 14, 2016:

    Kevin’s street photography course in Brick Lane was everything I expected of it, and more. The day was extremely well structured and fast paced, Kevin covered the subject superlatively and pitched the level just right to ensure that all the attendees, regardless of their experience and knowledge, got the most out of their day. Kevin is a thoroughly decent bloke and I’m sure that all of us came away with valuable tools to enhance our photographic skills.

  91. Emma Featherstone  – March 15, 2016:

    Just fantastic! The day in East London was really well structured. I had great fun and learned a lot, as I’m sure did the rest of the group. I now have new tools to put into practice with street and photojournalistic photography. Great value for money, would do it again!

  92. Gary Rowsel – March 15, 2016:

    I joined Kevin and the group in Brick Lane, London. Kevin is one of the best in the business and you can see the passion he has for his photography. He has no hesitation in sharing his knowledge, ideas and techniques. The day was relaxed but structured, informative and fun from start to finish. Would I do it again? Yes, without hesitation!

  93. Ian Daglish – March 16, 2016:

    I did Brick Lane with the above posters too and can only echo their praise.
    If Kevin will have me I’ll do this again.

  94. Miles Gomme – March 29, 2016:

    Having done my homework I went into the day not knowing what I would get out of it. I can only say I came away surprised and very happy that I had chosen such a talented man to take a course with. He taught me so much that day and I took 2 fantastic photos just after leaving the course. I put both on my website and they have receive much praise. I can only thank you very much Kevin and if you will have me I’ll be back next year!

  95. Rob Fuller – May 3, 2016:

    This was a really useful and enjoyable day. Kevin was very good at accommodating everyone, so it was not intimidating even for a novice like me, despite there being a few professional photographers in the group. This was my first experience of using zone focusing and shooting from the hip, so I had to go away and practice, but now (a few weeks later) my photography has vastly improved – I’ve been taking shots that I would never have been able to capture before. Definitely recommended.

  96. Dave Speedy – May 26, 2016:

    I attended the street photography course in Birmingham and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. It was also full of really nice people with no stress. As a complete amateur photographer I was able to get pass the fear straight away and get immersed in the moment of capturing street shots I can be proud of.
    Of course, you get out of it what you put in so my advice is to sign up and enjoy.

  97. Christopher Frankling – May 28, 2016:

    I attended the Birmingham session in May – despite coming with a Canon DSLR (and therefore feeling like the school boy with an uncool lunchbox compared to the Fuji shooters) I left the day with a better understanding of how to use my camera (i.e. when to use different focus/metering techniques), composition and using light. There was a lot to take in on the day but I feel like my photography has improved as a result, quite simply I should have done this type of thing years ago.

  98. Andy Saywell – May 31, 2016:

    Really enjoyed the street photography day in B’ham recently. This was my second time with Kevin, the first was on a documentary wedding course / seminar.

    What I realised from the first course was I needed to see how it all work in action, obviously that wasn’t going to be at a wedding; the street photography day was the next best thing.

    I went with zero expectations of learning anything specific and came away with so many ideas, tips, tricks and techniques that will keep me going for many months.

    I’d highly recommend one of Kevin’s street photography days to anyone with an interest in photographing people candidly – what he shows can be used in many other situations.

  99. Ian Daglish – June 20, 2016:

    Did my second workshop with Kevin in Cambridge.

    I was immediately surprised by how much had sunk in from the first workshop.

    Kevins relaxed, no pressure, always approachable style creates a great group dynamic and of course you shoot better.

    I heartily recomend this course to photographers of any level

    Great fun.

  100. Wayne Richards – July 4, 2016:

    Exceeded all my (high) expectations. What an enjoyable and invigorating day. You will not be disappointed.
    Kevin is an excellent instructor, patient, approachable and willing to share his knowledge and experience.

    The information is delivered in manageable portions combined with practical sessions for you to assimilate the learning.

    I would have no hesitation in recommending a course by Kevin and plan to attend more in future.
    Cheers W.

  101. Andrew Turner – July 4, 2016:

    Had a great day with Kevin. Informal, relaxed, informative and inspiring. Thoroughly enjoyed walking the streets of London putting in to practice the tips and guidance given by Kevin throughout the day. I was not a Fuji user but Kevin lent me one of his cameras to try and I will be placing my order shortly!

  102. Simon Radclyffe – July 7, 2016:

    Second time round and another really enjoyable, inspirational day. Thanks Kevin

  103. Russ Armstrong – July 26, 2016:

    Very enjoyable and informative workshop in Brick Lane. Kevin is very helpful and is willing to share his vast knowledge of Street Photography to the class. Looking forward to taking another workshop next time I’m in London.

  104. Willem Rosiers – November 7, 2016:

    I followed the workshop in Paris and really enjoyed the day. Kevin has a relaxed down to earth approach which puts people at ease and enhances group spirit. He will happily share his vast knowledge on street and documentary photography, and you will return home a better photographer technically and inspirationally. Recommended for all levels of photographers.
    If the occasion arises, I will not hesitate to plan another of Kevin’s workshops.

  105. Paul Henderson – November 8, 2016:

    Paris, Sept. ’16. My first venture into “Street”! A group of mixed experience levels, with everyone learning something useful. Kevin’s informal but detailed approach to getting his perspective across made for a very enjoyable day. Particularly impressed with how Kevin explained the more technical aspects to those that had little or no previous knowledge, without overwhelming them. No clock watching to curtail activities either. Well worth doing and more effective than a U-Tube video!

  106. Stephanie Baxter – November 11, 2016:

    Had my first workshop with Kevin in London a couple of days ago and have been buzzing ever since! Spent a fantastic and inspiring day learning a wealth of creative and technical things. I had a real lightbulb moment when Kevin took us through the concept of zone focusing and, with some practice, I really believe this will revolutionise my photography! Kevin is so friendly and approachable, and really makes you feel like no question you have is silly. This workshop is worth every penny!

  107. Aga Moravej – November 21, 2016:

    Really enjoyed the street photography workshop in London. Kevin is an awesome, down-to-earth teacher. Very informative, engaging and super helpful for some of the trickier aspects such as camera’s settings/configurations. Great tips for boosting your confidence when doing street photography. I highly recommend this course. Thank you Kevin.

  108. Celso Barriga – December 5, 2016:

    I attended Kevin’s Street Photography Workshop in New York City last week, 27th November 2016, and it was more than what I expected. I like the way he ran the workshop, he would teach us a certain concept or technique, and we would then spend some time on our own applying it. Rinse, and repeat. Kevin is always available to answer any of our questions and is a great teacher.

    The workshop was capped with Kevin showing us how he edits some of the photos he took during the day.

    I came out learning a lot from Kevin that day, and I feel like I got a lot to practice on my own. And more importantly, I had fun!

    This was my second workshop with Kevin, and given another opportunity, I would jump on it without hesitation. Very highly recommended!

  109. Deveren – December 17, 2016:

    Awesome workshop with Kevin in NYC this past November. I learned so much that I wrote about it on

  110. John Patterson – January 22, 2017:

    I attended Kevin’s workshop in Birmingham and I thought it was excellent. It was really surprising how much you can learn in a day. I now have the tools to tackle street photography and I just need the practice.

  111. Jordanna Marston – January 22, 2017:

    I very much enjoyed my time on Kevin’s street photography workshop in Brum. The day was jammed packed full of useful and practical tips and I felt I got a better handle on my Fuji camera by the end of the day. As a trainer, Kevin was approachable, easy to understand and very knowledgable. The course itself was fun and I felt I came away with some great tips that I can continue to utilise in my work.

    Thanks a lot Kevin – I will recommend your courses to anyone that will listen! 

  112. Wayne Richards – January 27, 2017:

    Course: Street Photography Workshop. Location: Reading
    This was my second workshop with Kevin, having previously enjoyed the same course in Brick Lane/London six months previously.
    The course was a very useful reminder for me and reinforced the previous techniques Kevin had taught me.
    The weather was bitterly cold but despite this Kevin managed to deliver the course content with his accustomed professionalism and good humor.
    I would have no hesitation in recommending this course regardless of your level of experience.
    Cheers W.

  113. Paul Moulton – February 1, 2017:

    A freezing cold day in Reading might not sound ideal for a day of street phtography but if you have Kevin leading you, the cold isn’t so bad. Regular coffee breaks to warm up, review the last scenario and set the next were very welcome as was the advice and constructive feedback. I’ll definitely be spending more time with Kevin. Just not sure where yet.

    I attended the ReadingStreet photography day on 26th Jan 2017

  114. Robin Chun – February 10, 2017:

    I had a fantastic day on the Bristol street workshop (Thursday 9th February).. Kevin was/is a great host/tutor and I certainly came away from the day with knowledge and tips (and some good images if I do say so myself)
    Kevin’s interaction and feedback was much appreciated and I’d do it all again tomorrow if I could!
    I have no hesitation in recommending his workshops, you won’t be disappointed.. and you don’t have to have a Fuji camera!
    Thanks again Kevin.. I’m still buzzing!

  115. Craig Allen – March 7, 2017:

    I recently attended one of Kevin’s workshops in London (3rd March). I would recommend these workshops without hesitation. I learnt how to get close to people without being obtrusive and making the most of what light was available. I came away with a series of photos I was happy with and different from the style I usually follow. All in all a relaxing and fun day spent with Kevin and a fellow bunch of photographers.

  116. Brian Keith – April 21, 2017:

    I attended Kevin’s 31st March workshop covering Brick Lane in London. What I gained from the day goes beyond the numerous techniques we learned for shooting, set-up, and post-processing because Kevin gives his knowledge and experience transparently. Personally, and unexpectedly, from a non-technical perspective, I feel much more confident in my photography, am completely re-evaluating my workflow and how to make the most of my time, and re-invigorated my style (which has felt stale for a while now).

    This has been the single biggest step in my development as a hobbyist photographer and will continue to assist me moving forwards.

  117. Philip – May 11, 2017:

    I attend Kevin’s one day street workshop in Lausanne on 6th May. I have long been a fan of his wedding and street work style so jumped at the chance when I saw a course being held more locally to me.
    Having a very hands on day to learn first hand his techniques and approaches to street photography was really inspiring and I came away with a lot of new ideas and skills to put into practice. The format of the day, which adapted well to the fairly heavy rain we had, gave plenty of opportunity for one on one time in between group talks when we broke away to practice discussed themes and techniques. The day just flowed really naturally and was a lot of fun as well so I cannot recommend it highly enough!

  118. Dorothy – May 19, 2017:

    Cant recommend this highly enough, it was such a fantastic day! Kevin is a brilliant teacher, able to flex the teaching for our group which was very mixed experience from professionals to total novices (me). Amazing how much you can learn in a day and how everyone got different things out of it – you definitely get time through out for 1:1. As Kevin has such a chilled style, and didn’t just teach technical skills but also made you think about how to observe what’s going on around you and find the stories, it was actually a bit like a mindfulness day too! The mini assignments kept the day really fun and it was great that you got time to practice all the techniques and see how other people in the group get on with it. Learned so much and just a really brilliant day out, I’ll definitely be doing it again as soon as I can!

  119. Tracey Paddison – June 18, 2017:

    I took part in Kevin’s Street Photography workshop in Cardiff, Wales. Kevin was a great teacher and shared many tips and techniques, he also bought the refreshments! Thank you for a great day and helping me turn a corner with my street photography

  120. Paul Lavender – June 28, 2017:

    Took part in Lausanne. Kevin did a great job of setting tasks for the group to follow, and an even better job of adapting the programme to torrential rain!

  121. Neill W – July 28, 2017:

    I attended my second London workshop with Kevin this week. As expected, it was relaxed, fun, informative and gave me some great ideas to inspire and re-energise all aspects of my photography, but particularly street work (as you’d expect). I’d recommend this workshop to anyone, regardless of experience without hesitation and will definitely sign up for my third one when dates are announced. Maybe in a different location next time…

  122. Joe Kingston – August 1, 2017:

    I went to Kevin’s Street Photography workshop in London, I had a great time and learnt a lot. I’d only briefly used fujifilm cameras before and Kevin was kind enough to lend me one to use on the day. The instructions and tips that Kevin gave for using these cameras was great, and I was so pleased with the results that I got that I’ve gone out and bought an X-Pro2. But more than just a fujifilm workshop this was a proper insight in to getting really good street photography shots …. I’ve always been a fan of street photography and try to incorporate the principles as much as I can in to my wedding photography, but the techniques and insight which Kevin gave has made me approach things a lot differently … I can’t wait to get out there and take some more shots!

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Thursday, 17th January - Leicester - City Centre (Sold Out)
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Thursday, 17th January - Leicester - City Centre (Sold Out)
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Friday, 15th February - Bristol - City Centre (Sold Out)
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6th December ~ London (sold out)
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14th September 2016 – Paris, France (sold out)
12th July ~ Brighton (sold out)
5th July ~ London West End / Evening Street Shoot (sold out)
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