Getting the most from your Fujifilm Camera

Getting the most from your Fujifilm Camera


Current 2019 Dates

Thursday, 28th November London (morning session) 1 spot left.

Level of Experience: Any. This workshop will be of value to those who are just beginning with Fujifilm cameras or those looking to get a little more out of their gear.

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This Fujifilm Workshop is for FIVE delegates only.

This session is for just five people and will last for approximately three hours.

You’ll get to ask any questions you may have (and get answers) as well as get a full understanding of how I use my Fujifilm cameras.

Obviously you’ll already have a Fujifilm camera and topics we could cover (though this would be driving partly by your requirements) include:

  • Understanding how the exposure triangle works

  • Using Back Button Focusing

  • Understanding what all the menu options mean

  • Working better with custom settings

  • And much more…


The Fuji Camera Workshops run from 10:00 am until around 13:00 pm.

We will meet for coffee to commence the day and cover any specific questions that you may have.

These Fuji Camera Workshops are strictly limited to FIVE delegates. Lunch and refreshments are not included but I usually buy a round of drinks at the end.

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I've been an official Fujifilm ambassador for many years.  As part of this role I often speak at events for Fujifilm in places as wide ranging as Photokina in Germany, Store Openings in China, Fujifilm Festivals in The United States and many other places.

Reviews for this Fuji Workshop

  1. Helen Abraham
    What a fantastic little workshop! Intimate (only three participants), and tailored to exactly what we needed to learn. In a few short hours I learnt a few skills that will help my work enormously. Kevin explained everything very simply and demonstrated the practical applications. He answered questions and ran through the menus to ensure that we were using our cameras in the most optimal and practical way. I'm excited for my first wedding of this year to put into practice the new tools which will transform my work.

  2. Emily Renier
    Another few very worthwhile hours spent with an understated man with an encyclopedic knowledge of all things Fuji. No question is a stupid question with Kevin. I have also always found his general attitude to photography exceptionally refreshing. I leave his workshop much better informed and always inspired and never scared or intimated which a lot of pro photographers have a tendency to do with novices like me. I saw Kevin for the first time back a year ago at one of the Photography Show’s lectures and he opened my eyes to a new style of photography and of course to the world of Fuji. I haven’t looked back since.

Past Dates for this Fujifilm Workshop:

Thursday, 20th September 2018 (Morning Session) - Bristol (Sold Out)

Wednesday, 14th February 2019 (morning session) - Bristol (Sold Out)
Wednesday, 27th March 2019 (morning session) - Central London (Sold Out)