UK One Day Wedding Photojournalism Workshop

UK One Day Wedding Photojournalism Workshop

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2019 Dates

7th May 2019 - Bristol £149 (full)
17th July 2019 - Belfast, Northern Ireland (1 Space)

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Since 2008 I have been shooting a style of wedding photography widely known as “wedding photojournalism” or “documentary wedding photography”.

This wedding photography workshop will concentrate on inspiration and stylistic choices, gear, shooting, the business side, and inspiration. The workshops I run are designed to give you the most information possible.

No hiding of information and that’s the reason most of my workshops are aimed at a very small amount of delegates. That way you will get all the advantages of working closely with him.

I became one of the first Fujifilm official X-Photographers in the UK and has been shooting exclusively with the X-Series of cameras since 2012. Although, of course, this workshop is open to photographers who shoot with any system.

This workshop is aimed at wedding photographers who want to explore the Wedding Photojournalism style of shooting.

It’s also beneficial for photographers who want to hone their skills for the part of their day that they shoot candidly at the wedding.

All attendees on the Wedding Photojournalism Workshop will also be added to a special Facebook Group dedicated to helping you build a successful wedding photojournalism business.

  • 09:30 – arrival, coffees, and introduction

  • 09:30 – 11:00 The business of wedding photojournalism: Concentrating on building a brand to attract the right clients, client acquisition, and education. Gear and building a shooting style.

  • 11:00-12:00 Let’s talk gear: We’ll discuss how I shoot, the configurations I use and why I use them. Lens choices and the mechanisms I use for ensuring my wedding day runs smoothly.

  • 12:00 – 13:00 Lunch (included)

  • 13:00 – 15:00 Understand touch, emotion and capturing the candid moments without intervention or staging. Shooting the wedding. The do’s, the do not and working through each stage of the wedding to capture the story telling images.

  • 15:00 – 16:00 Critique, Q&A and Website Analysis (including SEO & Social Media advice).

  • 16:00 – Debrief

Wedding Photojournalism Workshop Details

– Lunch and refreshments are provided and included in the price.

– Feel free to bring your cameras, though there is no practical element to this workshop.

Location and Details of workshops outside of London will be sent nearer each date.

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What can you expect to learn on this Wedding Photography Workshop

The outline of the workshop is above, but the core principles of my sessions are that the delegates get everything they need from the workshop.

Delegates are encouraged to ask questions and form dialogue throughout the day and I will be open and honest with all his answers.

This Wedding Photography Workshop is ideal for photographers who are looking to build on their business and candid shooting skills, as well as those photographers who are brand new and looking for a foothold in the wedding photography industry.

If you want to produce work for your clients like the Photofilm below, then sign up for the workshop now or contact me if you have any questions.

Reviews of The Wedding Photojournalism Workshop

  1. Jonathan Ryder
    I really enjoyed Kevin's workshop - and learned a great deal from it too.

    Kevin was generous and open in his approach, sharing freely on whatever topic I or any of the other attendees put to him. And the pre-prepared material was great.

    I've been a wedding photographer now for over 5 years. My own philosophy is that you should never stop wanting to learn - and Kevin is great to listen too on so many fronts. His own photography is compelling and often beautiful, but the insights he offered into the running of a successful wedding photography business were invaluable. I picked up new ideas on topics as diverse as SEO, social media marketing, shooting approach on the day of a wedding, time management ... and much more.

    I highly recommend this workshop - which is constructed in such a way that even a beginner could take away a hatful of great ideas and advice.

  2. Janice Dongworth
    This workshop was perfect for me Re timing and content. I’d started out shooting weddings candidly 3 years ago and then moved into studio portraiture. I became increasingly aware that as I got technically better I had lost something and craved a return to authenticity . Kevin’s insights, tips and inspiration were really useful especially with regards to storytelling .
    I’m not technically minded so I found the tips on IT, SEO invaluable.
    I came away from the workshop thinking had I done this 3 yrs ago and streamlined my business I would have turned a profit much sooner and saved myself a lot of self doubt. Kevin’s manner and the format made this workshop enjoyable and easy to ask questions .

  3. Christopher McSherry
    First off, I'm very thankful that Kevin made the trip to Belfast! I've been inspired and following his work for a few years, so it was great to learn from the man himself. I really enjoy looking through his wedding photos and films and getting the feel of what the day was like. From that workshop alone, I feel I've changed up my approach to how I shoot already for the better. I've been to some workshops that made SEO sound like a nightmare, but Kevin's explanation made it much easier to understand and give me more confidence in applying it. Another huge plus for the workshop is keeping the numbers low so that it's more intimate and almost like a one to one. It didn't feel like an overcrowded classroom.

  4. Patrick Duddy
    I was fortunate enough to be able to attend Kevins Street & Wedding Workshops in Belfast and found they complimented each other greatly. I found it a real benefit to have watched and learmed some of Kevins Street shooting methods before hearing him chat about how he used these techniques at weddinga the next day. His passion comes through constantly and there were no questions left unanswered..

  5. Michael Ellis
    Kevin's presentation and delivery was easy and informative with dashes of humour.

    My aim of attending was to gain understanding of SEO and online marketing which was covered thoroughly with added gems given in the conversation.

    Kevin covered all areas of his planned presentation and developed a good rapport with his 'students'.

    Overall I was very impressed and whilst he supplied us with his extensive presentation the additional notes I took from the extra insight in conversation was worth the I Bristol is kinda awesome.

  6. Emily Fairweather
    Relaxed workshop full of inspiring nuggets of information - Kevin is very down to earth and explains his technique in a simple and considered way - He is very generous with his information and I took away several helpful actions that I will put into practice at my next wedding. The feedback bit was encouraging and I couldn't recommend this course highly enough.

  7. Jeremy John
    It was great to immerse myself in photography talk ALL day, something I never get to do. Kevin had a lot of ideas and info to impart and it was all good. We started with a 'what's your name & where do you come from' and it was fascinating to hear the other workshopees stories. Kevin included lots of photos to illustrate his points as you would expect, and he did an excellent job of demystifying the whole wedding photography process, both technically but also the more complex 'motivation' and how to best tell a story bit. It certainly helped me feel more 'ready' to shoot my first wedding

  8. Nick Haigh
    Really fantastic workshop. Lots of ideas and tips from Kevin on what to look for when shooting in a candid documentary style. Not only that but also lots of business tips including the all-important SEO. I will be implementing a lot of this in my style of shooting especially looking for the moments and also the business tips too. If you already shoot weddings in this style or not id seriously recommend one of Kevin's workshops.

  9. Aaron Russell
    Hi Kevin, thank you for taking the time and effort to put this course on and sharing your knowledge. It was very informative and filled with lots of little nuggets for me to go away and think how I can add them to my style of shooting. I particularly found the insight of when and not when to blog very interesting along with the simple little trick of increasing sales at the questionnaire stage by offering a B&W package.

    As always, these types of workshops are great as you get to hear other peoples experiences in the group as well as yours. I'm sure to book another one of your courses in the future and would have no hesitation in recommending you to any upcoming photographers who are starting out and want to learn from someone of your calibre. All the best Aaron

  10. Chris Pearce-Ramwell
    Interesting and stimulating with sufficient take aways in my notebook to feel that the event added value. I now look forward to implementing some of the recommendations.

  11. Paul Davies
    The workshop was just what I expected. Lots of information, tips, and advise on everything you need to know about Wedding Photojournalism. We also covered SEO & marketing which I am not very good at ! This has already changed they way I will now approach it and has also made me think about changing the look my website. All in all an excellent day and well worth the trip from Swansea. Looking forward to the next I can attend. Thank you Kevin !

  12. Andrew Thomas
    I am so glad I attended this workshop.

    There were so many takeaways from the course and as a wedding photographer, I feel a lot more inspired. Learning how to use a camera is the easy bit - there is an abundance of videos on YouTube and articles on how to work a camera. Learning how to take a great photo is hard work. It takes a lot of time, a lot of practice and it is important to seek expert guidance where you can. This is where Kevin comes in. Kevin is not only one of the best in his field but he is also an excellent teacher. He inspires you to find your voice and become a better photographer.

    With respect to Wedding Photojournalism, he guides you through the discipline - how to be mindful on the day, how to be respectful to the moment and let the day happen without interference and how to capture it. It is with this understanding that you can see how Kevin captures such genuine emotion in his images. As a result, I felt a real injection of inspiration to go out there and get better at what I do and to be far more mindful on the day. I also came away with the confidence in being able to identify what makes an image strong and to be more critical of my own catalogue. I have recently rebuilt my website and picking out my best images was previously a really difficult task for me. Having done the course I was able to pick my favourite images and identify the images which represent me as a photographer so much easier. It is important to note that on a creative front Kevin is a pure photojournalist. He does however understand that each photographer is different and wants to achieve their own vision and understands that a pure photojournalistic approach is not for everyone. As a result, he lays out what it takes to be a pure photojournalist and encourages you to pick and choose how you will let the discipline influence your photographic voice.

    I was also able to take away a good number of tips and ideas when it came to running my business. Kevin is very open as to how he runs his wedding photography business and is eager to pass on his experience. With reflection on what I learnt on the course, I am looking forward to putting it all into practice - bring on next years wedding season! I have improved how I communicate with my clients, how I manage expectations. I have more confidence and consistency in my branding. I have also improved how I manage my online presence and run my business from an admin point of view also.

    If you are thinking of doing this course then please just go ahead and book yourself on it. I highly recommend it - you will not regret it. You will come away a better creative and a better business owner.

    Thank you Kevin

  13. Pete Downham:
    I recently attended Kevin's workshop in Amersham. The studio where the workshop was held is a great venue, plenty of space and a nice atmosphere, the owner Simon was very friendly and provided a nice lunch and refreshments.

    The content of the workshop was brilliant, straight to the point and all the way through it was clear that we were being guided by someone who really was out there doing the job, producing fantastic images and making a good living from something they love doing.

    If you are serious about learning about the difference between a true photo journalist and a standard wedding photographer then I highly recommend this course. Kevin also provided a valuable insight into his business practices.

    Great course delivered by a great guy, Kevin's work is truly something to aspire to.

    Pete Downham ...... aspiring Photo Journalist

  14. Alexandra Davies:
    This is the second workshop from Kevin which I have attended. The best thing about his workshops is his honesty and willingness to share useful information. There's no unnecessary fluff and embellishment that you get on so many other courses. I really enjoyed the day and came away with lots of useful information. Thank you!

  15. Jonathan Clapton:
    As someone who is just starting their thinking about a possible career change, I found the workshop totally inspiring in terms of style and technique, and also developing the business.

    It was really exciting and encouraging to learn from someone who has made the leap into wedding photography and made it work so successfully.

    In particular, I appreciated seeing some of your earlier work and hearing about your first wedding shoot, understanding the equipment you use and why, and how to develop your brand. Seeing lots of your fantastic photos to illustrate your points was also of course a pleasure!

  16. Raymond Bridgewater:
    I’m so glad I attended this course. I really appreciated your ‘warts and all’ approach from the start. It made your journey more real and gave me more confidence than I had when I walked in. I think I was guilty of assuming that all successful photographers were born with a camera in their hands! You’ve made my dream more obtainable.

    As far as the content, I felt it was broad and detailed enough for me to kick start some things while I’m gearing up. For example, to have a different approach to social media; and reformatting my website among other things.

  17. Joe Scrivens:

    Attending this workshop with Kevin was like turning on a lightbulb in my head.

    It’s about getting your head around a mindset, not so much about technical aspects, but learning about human behaviour, what to look for, how to spot it. I found it gave me a much better understanding of anticipiating the moment and making my own luck.

    This is the second training session I have done with Kevin and both have been so worth it. I came away inspired and immediately put into practice what I had learnt at the next wedding I did a week later. All of a sudden found myself telling a much better story with my wedding photography.

  18. Emily Mathews:

    I spent a whole day with Kevin on a one-to-0ne Wedding PJ workshop and it was amazing. So many workshops over promise yet under deliver. Kevin’s workshops are always the other way around. Well worth the investment.

  19. Cris Lowis:

    Its fair to say I’m not a pure documentary photographer and the purpose of me attending the workshop wasn’t to become a documentary wedding photographer and stop doing portraits and groups, but to seriously strengthen the documentary work I (and most other wedding photographers) do alongside my core work.

    The course was highly enlightening, to say the least, and some of the things I learned really opened my eyes and gave food for thought. I’m not going to reveal much in this review but knowing some of my actions could have actually been changing the couple's emotions at sensitive moments was something that really hit home and as a result, I’ve already started making some changes and the results are very positive.

    The answers to improving my PJ work wasn’t what I expected them to be, but having listened, taken note and then put into practice I’m starting to really put the puzzle together and strengthen the storytelling aspect of my work. As always I arrived armed with questions like ‘what if its a boring wedding” and “what if they look at you every time you try to take a candid” and Kevin soon explain with examples what to look for and how to approach the day sensitively.

    I’ve attended a few of Kevin’s courses over the years, as well as other workshops and courses led by some of the leading names in the industry, and I honestly find Kevin’s are the best in terms of both content and value for money… They are always highly engaging, lighthearted, super informative and you can ask him anything. I find the 121 or small group sessions to be exceptionally good as you can steer the workshop towards your needs with Kevin answering anything you throw at him.

  20. Lloyd Williams:

    I’d been shooting weddings for around 6 years using solely Nikon cameras and lenses. I swapped my cameras over for Fujis in Feb 2014. This helped me in my mission to photograph weddings in a more natural way. The next 6 months I worked hard on developing a documentary style. My portfolio grew and I could see my work slowly improving.

    I booked a workshop with Kevin to help point me in the right direction. My main aim from the workshop was to ask Kevin’s advice on pricing strategies and how to take my business to the next level. The opportunity to show Kevin my portfolio and have it reviewed was worth the investment alone. I was fed up of showing friends and family my work and hearing “that’s nice” or “wow, lovely picture.” I needed some quality feedback and Kevin took some time in the afternoon to do just that. He told me what he liked and what he disliked but most importantly how I could have taken that picture slightly better.

    The business side of the day was what attracted me in the first place but learning some techniques and tips about shooting on the day was an added bonus. Overall a great day and very much worth the investment. I left Kevin’s studio with pages of notes scribbled in my notebook and lots of goals to work towards. Since attending the workshop I’ve streamlined my website, removed things that didn’t need to be there, improved my SEO and changed my price point and grown my wedding photography business for the better.

    Fuji shooter or non Fuji shooter, I really couldn’t recommend the wedding photojournalism workshop enough.

  21. Mark Davi:

    This PJ workshop was the first and so far, the only course I have attended, as I embark on a career change in the coming months. Many years ago, I had been a full-time photographer, hence, there was a pressing need to gain new skills and get myself up to date. I was drawn to Kevin’s workshop because, after extensive research, I felt he was ‘top of the tree’ in the documentary style I wished to adopt.

    To say I was amazed by the skills and knowledge passed on by Kevin would not do justice to the value of the day. Kevin’s structured workshop and pleasant way of imparting his experiences gave me the tools to set myself up for success. I can think of no better way in which to have the opportunity to learn from such an esteemed expert – you need to look no further than Kevin.

  22. Steve Vaughan:

    I attended one of Kevin’s Wedding Photojournalist courses last year. The nice thing about a course with Kevin is that it doesn’t feel like training, it feels like having a chat with a mate, and learning stuff from him. I already am a professional documentary wedding photographer, but wanted to learn more from Kevin as I see him as a true leader in the field. The course was relaxed, friendly and appropriate. Kevin was happy to tailor the session based on the experience level of his trainees, rather than give a 1 size fits all approach. And, as a fellow Fujifilm X photographer, I loved talking all things Fuji with him! Highly recommended.

  23. Mona Ali:

    Whilst I’m not a pure documentary wedding photographer, I’ve been on a mission to improve my skills and strengthen my documentary work and approach so decided to book this workshop with Kevin. Kevin is very down to earth and has a very open, honest and informative approach to his workshops – it was enlightening and very inspiring learning how Kevin shoots, what he focusses on, how he approaches a wedding day, his methodology, his mindset. Kevin was very generous with his knowledge and advice, giving us lots of information and answering any specific questions each of us had. It was a full-on day with loads of info jam-packed into the day, Kevin is a well respected, very experienced documentary photographer who has perfected his craft and is ideally placed to teach this stuff. He has an easy and humorous way about him which makes the workshops highly engaging and really informative. I’ve done a few workshops with other wedding photographers at the top of their game, but this is the one to do. Super informative, full of amazing content and worth every penny!!

  24. Alistair Veryard:

    Yesterday I spend the whole day with Kevin and two fellow eager learners of candid photography. The workshop was brilliant and 100% worth the attendance. Kevin is a highly skilled professional and delivers his knowledge in a very relaxed and accessible manner. Whatever aspects of his style and craft you want to learn, he is happy to aim the day in that direction. It was a pleasure to meet him and the other guys attending and also to grab a cheeky pint after the teaching.

  25. Andy Hibbs:

    I’m now full time as a Professional Photographer and wanted further knowledge and in site into documentary weddings. The day ran very smoothly and all three of us fired off questions as they cropped up and I don’t believe any of us left without the answers. Highly recommend a well delivered day in a very relaxed atmosphere and a great lunch.

  26. Scott Cassie:

    Loved it! Kevin’s presentation was honest and inspiring, and totally spoke to my candid heart! He was very patient and down to earth – sharing his passion and philosophy, and never talking down to us. It was like hanging out with a fellow colleague. The facilities were also great, and so chuffed that afterwards, he emailed us a PDF of his presentation – that beats my scribbled notes any day! I would highly recommend this workshop to any aspiring documentary shooter/wedding creative. Cheers dude!

  27. Victoria Tapper:

    Whether you want to go the whole hog by transforming yourself into a wedding photojournalist or remain a hybrid with dramatically improved candid work, this workshop equips you to do exactly that. Kevin teaches you how to give yourself the best possible opportunity of discreetly capturing the whole gamut of emotions and drama that unfolds during a wedding day. Whilst he covers the technical aspects of shooting this way, you quickly learn the key to creating good photojournalism pictures and what separates the men from the boys. Good solid business advice forms part of the workshop, with particular expertise in SEO and social media. The bonus is seeing Kevin’s work. The way he captures the warmth, love, joy and comedy is tangible; you can hear and feel his pictures like you were there. An excellent day, well worth the ££. One word of warning though; you’ll never want to shoot a ring on a rose petal again.

  28. Dale Stephens:

    As a recently (2yrs) turned pro (documentary) wedding photographer , I found this course hugely helpful! As a hugely skilled professional photographer (not only weddings) Kevin’s work is amazing, and his insights into his own work are enough to inspire anyone wanting to also become a documentary photographer or to grow and enhance their own skills. Kevin was also happy to answer any questions about how he takes/see’s his shots, and also about the running of a wedding photography business.
    The course is a must for any part-time or full-time photographer.

  29. Richard Haydon:

    Kevin’s workshop was highly inspirational and helpful to me. Even though I’ve been shooting weddings for about 10 years, I still like to attend a workshop now and then, just to keep me on my toes and re-evaluate my approach. I find I’m never done learning and there are always new ideas, tips and tricks to be found, especially from a great teacher like Kevin as well as fellow workshop attendees. Kevin’s way of communicating is easy to follow, full of humour and of course tons of wonderful nuggets of knowledge. I’m well aware that being good at something and being good at teaching the same thing requires quite different skill sets: Kevin’s wonderful in both regards. I can wholeheartedly recommend his workshops, to both amateurs and seasoned pros! I don’t particularly like writing reviews, so this is saying something Thank you

  30. Karin Lagerweij:

    Last summer I was in the USA and read on Kevins facebook that he was coming to Holland. I immediately booked the masterclass without knowing if I was available. Have to be there, was my feeling. So my expectations were high. And I did not get disappointed. Kevin spoke for 7 hours, with humour, honesty and passion. About how he works, what he is looking for, the marketing, the editing, making videos…. we could ask whatever question came up and he told and showed us. And I ended up going home exhausted, but happy & full of inspiration and ideas at the same time. I can recommend Kevin's workshop to anyone. And Kevin, please do come back to the Netherland or Holland or both and I’ll be there! And if you ever need a 2nd shooter in the Netherlands…. call me! Warmly Karin Lagerweij

  31. Willem Rosiers:

    I can highly recommend this workshop to anyone who shoots or is interested in shooting in a documentary style. Kevin is no doubt one of the best you will encounter in this genre and his relaxed and open way of sharing his insights and methods are truly inspiring for anyone joining this class, whether you are just beginning or have been shooting for years. He will also gladly answer any questions you might have, making you go home with tons of ideas on how to improve your own shooting or business.

  32. Bertina van Haren:

    I was in Amersfoort the Netherlands (or Holland) last week for the workshop with Kevin and I’m glad I came because it was a very inspirational and informative day. Kevin's presentation was honest, clear and humorous. Thanks, Kevin!

  33. Nikita Tretyakov:

    I was participating to the workshop in Netherlands and it was brilliant. Kevin shared his vision and experience without any hesitation. It was explained not only how he made of his shots but also why he did them that way. Pure inspiration and a magical kick for making better photos.

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